Complete your Outdoor Living Space with the Right Lighting

outdoor lighting

If you’re keen to make the most of your home’s outdoor living space, you’ll need to have quality lighting installed. This will not only allow you to entertain outdoors during the evenings, decent lighting will help ensure that friends and family can navigate their way through your yard safely as it gets darker as well.

Pathway Lighting

Lighting up outdoor pathways will allow guests to see where they’re going, while also providing your yard with an enchanting atmosphere. Path lights can be installed on the ground leading towards doorways or even next to features that you’d like to highlight.

String Lights

These have become immensely popular because they create a warm and inviting atmosphere throughout your yard. They can be strung through trees or even wrapped around various features in your outdoor living area.


Spotlights are often used to direct a beam of light to showcase particular plants or garden features. These can be installed above or at ground level, depending on the end result you’re looking for.

Popular Types of Lighting

Outdoor lighting is available in LED, rechargeable and solar options nowadays, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of an illuminated yard area without having to worry about an elevated electricity bill. Many solar and rechargeable options don’t require wiring to be run either, resulting in an additional saving on labor.

Lighting Safety

All lights being installed outdoors must be fully waterproof and comply with the required safety standards. Wiring must be installed underground, preferably in conduit/PVC piping to prevent accidental damage from occurring while landscaping work is being done.

If your outdoor living space is looking dull and uninviting, speak to our team today about having various types of lighting installed that will help create an inviting atmosphere for friends and family to enjoy.


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