Why Now is the Right Time to Install a Fire Pit


Including a fire pit in your home’s outdoor living area provides benefits that go beyond keeping you warm while entertaining during the winter months. Regardless of whether you want to roast marshmallows with the kids or entertain friends over weekends and holidays, a fire pit will be a welcome addition to your back yard.

Here are some reasons why now will be the best time to have it installed:

Add Value to your Home

A fire pit is one of the best hardscape features to include in your outdoor living pace if you’d like to increase your home’s value. If you intend selling your property anytime in the future, a fire pit will go a long way in making it more appealing to potential buyers.

It can Double as a Grill

If you opt for a wood-burning fire pit, you can use it to do far more than just roast marshmallows. Adding a removable grill rack to the setup will allow you to cook hot dogs, kebabs or virtually anything else you’d usually do on the grill.

Lower Labor Rates during Summer

Most homeowners wait until just before winter to have a fire pit installed. However, getting this project completed during summer could result in more competitive labor rates being charged because of the demand for fire pits being lower at this time of the year.

Having the right hardscape company install your new fire pit is every bit as important as choosing the right design and our professional team will be able to provide advice regarding suitable fire pits for your outdoor living space. If you’re keen to have a fire pit installed in your yard, get in touch with us today to discuss the various options we can provide.


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