Case study: 103

Deb and Matt



I pattern


US Dollar

Products used

Paver patio


Paver boarder


Supplied by

A Character

What do they want?

  • What do your customers want as it relates to your product or service?

To reclaim their backyard from the kids and to replace the old, weathered concrete

Has a problem


  • Is there a root cause of your customers’ problems?
  • Can you personify this root cause as a villain?
  • What is the villain in your customer’s story?



  • How is this villain making your customers feel?



  • Why is it “just plain wrong” for your customers to be burdened by this problem?

Your home should fill you with pride and joy

And meets a guide


  • What brief statement can you make that expresses empathy and understanding?

Cracked, weathered looking concrete simply doesn’t look good


  • How can you demonstrate competency in solving your customer’s problem?

Tearing out concrete and replacing it with pavers is something we do frequently

Who gives them a plan


  • Are there 3 or 4 steps your customers can take that would lead them to a sale or explain how they would use your product after the sale?

Take a couple pictures or a quick video of your space, text it over and give us a call


  • List the agreements you can make with your customers to alleviate their fears of doing business with you.

We stand behind our work and have a track record of building projects that stand the test of time

And calls them to action


  • What is your direct call to action?

Call now


  • What transitional calls to action will you use to on-ramp customers?

Discover more about who we are and what we do by visiting our website:

That ends in success.

List the positive changes your customers will experience if they use your product or service

  • They will have beautiful walkways that will rekindle the pride their home provides
  • They will have a great patio space for enjoying their backyard again

That helps them avoid failure

List the negative consequences your customers will experience if they don’t use your product or service

  • The dead patch of grass and hole the trampoline left will still be there
  • The old, cracked concrete will still be ugly

Character transformation


  • How was your customer feeling about themselves before they used your product or service?

Not very psyched about their property


  • Who will your customer become after they use your product or service?
  • What is their aspirational identity?

Very proud homeowners

Social Post

  • With their youngest graduating from high school it was time for Deb and Matt to get rid of the trampoline and reclaim their backyard with a new patio. They were also excited to replace the weathered concrete walkways around the house.
  • After being referred to us, Deb used Facebook to send us a message. We worked out a good time to get on a phone call and had a great conversation about their needs. Deb decided to move forward with our project consultation service and booked an appointment.
  • We proudly stand behind our work and have a list of projects that have stood the test of time and Deb was confident her project would be built to last too.
  • They now have a beautiful walkway leading to their front door with a separate walkway that goes around to the back door and new patio.
  • If you’d like to reclaim your outdoor space, call 603-556-8260 and lets talk about how we may be able to help!